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Live Tank SF6 Circuit breakers LW36 (72.5 kV)

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LW36-72.5 Outdoor HV AC SF6 Circuit Breaker

Live Tank SF6 Circuit breakers LW36 (72.5 kV)

Configurable for all applications and environments(useing in reactive power compensation loop)
LW36 is a combined apparatus including an SF6 live tank circuit breaker with self-blast arc extinction technology. The circuit breakers are available for single or three pole operation by integrated casting aluminum operating mechanism,It is used to break rated current, fault current, or to switch electric lines, and thus realizes the controlling and protection of power system. It is capable of regular operation and also can be used as connecting circuit breaker..It can be used in reactive power compensation loop and don’t need of any auxiliary device.

General applicable environment


Rated voltage:40.5kV
Rated current:up to 4000A
Rated frequency:50/60Hz
Rated Breaking current:up to 50kA
Rated operating sequence:O-0.3s-CO-3min-CO
Rated insulation level:According to the latest IEC 62271-1