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SYCVOCT50 Crystal-Valve optical current transducer

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Product Description:

Using the principle of crystal magneto optic valve, magnetic field affects the distribution of magnetic domain. The distribution of domain determines the intensity of light, and the current is calculated based on the detection of light intensity. The composite bushing with embedded transmission fiber is used to realize effective isolation of high and low voltage side, the insulation is safe and reliable.






High sensitivity relative measurement system, without compensation, high environmental adaptability

The external structure does not need on-site welding fiber, so it is easy to install and maintain

The primary sensing unit and the two sampling unit can be freely matched and can be replaced easily

The measurement accuracy is high, and it can meet the requirements of measurement, measurement and control and protection

No primary acquisition module is not affected by fast transient overvoltage (VFTO) interference

With intelligent fault diagnosis function, avoid misoperation caused by protection

Without magnetic saturation, the measurement band is wide and the transient characteristics are excellent.

Rated voltage:  35-1000 kV

Rated primary current : Up to 6300A

Rated frequency: 50/60 Hz

Accuracy class : 0.2S/5P30/5TPE

Secondary power supply:110V/220V DC±20%,<30W, AC 220V±20%

Sampling frequency: 80-256 dot/cycle