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JSQXFH-66 series three-phase voltage transformer used for GIS

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JSQXFH-66 series three-phase voltage transformer is used in 66kV SF6 enclosed composite apparatus, connected between phases and ground for voltage and electrical energy measurement and relay protection.

Structure Characteristics: iron core adopts mitre laminated structure, fix of iron core and clamping-piece adopts high intensity binding with no-latitude bandage. In this way, eliminate some of the shear stress, and the mag-net flux density will not locally increase as the existence of punching, iron core losses decrease, make for reduce the transformer load loss error. Improve the voltage transformer with a load capacity. Thanks to the increase of saturation flux density, the voltage of ferro-magnetic resonance increases, which helps to improve the ferromagnetic resonance performance.


High voltage winding adopts single-stage tower type structure, showing good anti-impulse performance; besides, it adopts high-quality imported diamond pattern resin coated polyester film and high strength polyester enameled wire, showing high insulation strength and stable performance. The imported winding machine can finish winding automatically according to input program commands and the finished winding has no breakage of wire nor joint.