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XHK-Ⅱ Automatic tuning Arc Suppression Coil Device

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Product introduction:
Safety and stability of the electric power supply becomes more and more essential and crucial. Earthing method of the neutral point is one of the most important and effective factors for the above targets. With the increase of number and capacity for the power distribution cable lines , the single phase earthing fault current will increase greatly according to the line to earth capacitance. and the arc is hard to extinguish that will cause over voltage easily and lead to trip of power supply frequently.
Sieyuan Electric is the only company to produce tap-change,capacitance-adjustable,thyristor phase-controlled arc suppression coil equipment,the market share is the top one in the world.


Environment Condition:
For Controller
Installation site:indoor
Ambient temperature :-5℃~+45 ℃;
Humidity: relative humidity:5%~95%
Power Supply:AC220(-20%~+15%);DC110V或220V(-20%~+15%)
For Primary devices


Product Feature
Full series product:products cover 6kV-66kV,independent design and production of all primary and secondary equipment of arc suppression coil.We have good research on the performance of various type of products and we accumulated rich operation experience.
High reliability: controller adopts the secondary power supply technique,can withstand destructive electromagnetic interference,the primary and secondary system all adopt the optical/electrical isolation,can completely eliminate the interference of a system to the controller.Controller design for double reset circuit,which can realize the system automatic recovery.
Accurate fault line selection function:the system is equipped with fault line selection mudule,which can realize fault line selection for 48 lines.(parallel line unlimited).Product adopts a parallel resistor fault line selection function(patent no.: ZL022153373).The resistor will input for a short time when earthing occurred,it will change the current amplitude and phase position obviously.So we can accurately choose the ground fault circuit. 
Product features for tap-change and capacitance change product:
Quick compensation : quick current compensation within 10 μS which can greatly reduce the probability of permanent malfunction
Reliable system: preset apparatus is simple structure,and independent of power and controller;In case of loss of power and controller fault,ARCs can compensate capacitive current
Damping resistor protection adopts primary equipment completely isolated with secondary eqipments.
Perfact protection function:including gear head lock,return regulation lock,continuous regulation lock,regulation lock of single phase earth fault etc,to make the whole system operation safe and reliable.
Product features for thyristor phase-controlled product:
Wide adjusting range:phase-controlled arc suppression coil conducts adjustment by change the conduction angle of thyristor and can conducts adjustment continuously within the range of 0%·100%.
Low residual current: phase-controlled arc suppression coil adjust smoothly,can make the residual current to the minimum,ensure reliable arc.
Quick compensation:phase-controlled arc suppression coil adopts industrial control with PC104 and DSP for rapid acquisition and calculation, quick current compensation within 5 ms. 
The product can be applied to 6-66kV distribution network for capacitance current compensation,and more and more widely applied in power system, metallurgy, petrochemical industry, coal industry.It has obvious effect to improve power supply reliability and safe operation,by now we have supplied more than 15000 sets of products to our customers in domestic market and overseas market.

Rated voltage:6kV-66 kV
Rated power :100 kVar-5700 kVar-
Rated current :Up to 200A
Communication interface:RS-232/ RS-485,Ethernet
Communication protocols:Built-in CDT、ISA、MODBUS etc、
            and IEC61850 Communication protocols
measurement accuracy of capacitive current:≤ 2%
Line selection approach:up to 48 Bus
Grounding  recorder:500 times
Adjust Method:preset apparatus / post-set apparatus