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ENGR Neutral Earthing Resistor

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Product Introduction
Regarding the 6kV~35kV transmission and distribution systems which are mainly made up of cable wiring, we can adopt low resistance grounding mode  in case of big capacitive current resulting from single phase grounding fault. However, we should consider the requirement of power supply reliability, influence to electrical equipment resulting from the fault transient voltage and current, influence to communication, requirement of relay protection technology and local operating experience.


Environment Condition


Product Feature

    • Low level of system overvoltage: Low level of system overvoltage (less than 2.5Ue) when adopting resistor grounding mode.    
    • Fast failure isolation: Under feeder zero-sequence protection, the fault part will be isolated by tripping as soon as feeder failure occurs.    
    • Intelligent monitoring: With configurable intelligent controller, we can monitor the resistor temperature, current and earthing times.    
    • Infrared Temperature Measurement: We use infrared temperature non-contacting measurement to measure the resistor temperature, the primary and secondary equipment is completely isolated, so that the result will be sensitive and accurate. The temperature change will make a response with in 1.5 seconds.    
    • High Insulation Level: Guaranteed by the best material used between resistor element like mica and ceramics, both the insulation level between resistor elements and resistor element -fixed element is high.     
    • High Tensile Strength: Each part of the resistor has a high intensity when adopting special and effective structure design. Each components of the resistor are weld by argon arc, so the contact is good and reliable. The resistor elements are fixed, which is fully considered.    
    • The Diversity of Operating Mode: There are many options when choosing the resistor operating mode, such as connecting the neutral point and the resistor directly, switching resistor, etc.     
    • Modular Design: Each type of resistor is made into a variety of components with standard specifications to achieve modular. Through arbitrary combination of these components in series-parallel connection, not only can we easily satisfy your parameter requirement of through-current capacity, voltage and resistance, etc. but also convenient for replacement.     
    • Full Product Series: From 6kV to 66kV, we can design and manufacture all types of earthing transformer (including earthing transformer with neutral point grounding directly), resistor, controller, both in dry-type and oil-type. 

Rated Voltage:6kV-66kV
Current range:100A-2000A