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Low Voltage QNSVG

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Product Introduction

Sieyuan QingNeng Low Voltage Static Var Generator (QNSVG) is applicable for 380-660V voltage system, it takes a very important role in the Flexible Alternative Current Transmission Systems(FACTS), it’s like a controllable reactive current source when parallel connect with the grid, it’s reactive current can follow the changes of burden and quickly response the corresponding value in order to compensate the reactive power in the system. In this case the power factor of the system can be approximate 1, so QNSVG can realize the stabilize voltage, energy save and ensure power system security functions.


Operating Environment:

Ambient Temperature: -20℃~40℃

Store Temperature: -25℃~55℃

Humility: 95%

Altitude: Not exceed 2000m

Product Characteristic

1. Continuous, dynamic reactive power compensation

The QNSVG can not only compensate inductive reactive power, but also the capacitive reactive power; it overtake the switch capacitor product’s shortcoming like cannot dynamic compensate reactive power, the compensation volume influenced by the voltage. So compare with the switch capacitor product, QNSVG can reduce power loss and save energy.

2. Eliminate harmonic current

This product is capable of eliminate harmonic current, when providing the dynamic reactive power, at the same time the remaining power can effectively retrain the 2-13th harmonic current . it play a significant role in establishing the green energy.

3. Reduce the voltage dip

The QNSVG can quickly response the burden change of grid within 1ms, it can completely solve the voltage dip caused by the large load equipments frequent starting. So it can effectively reduce the voltage dip because of the gird failure.

4. Three phase load balance

It can redistribution the three phase power so that after the compensation the three phase load presents symmetrical balance. It reduce the neutral current and loss, avoid accidents caused by three phase unbalance.

5. Use Closed-loop control algorithms, avoid the system resonance and higher compensation precision

The product has a energy save mode, according to different operating status, adjusting the switch operating. The efficiency can be up to 99%, improve the security. This product have screen cabinet type and rack type. Can be used according to different environment


Product Application Scope

This product can be used in more than 20 industry like railway, new energy generation power plant, amusement park, railway station, university buildings, port and municipal buildings etc.