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Love Without Borders Sieyuan Electric’s Caring Student Activity


Recently, the overseas marketing team of Sieyuan Electric, with the assistance and liaison of the Kenyan local community, carried learning materials, exercise books, stationeries and other school supplies into the Sugar Research Mixed Secondary School in Kenya, and made charity donations to the school’s children, passing the unselfish care and concern of Sieyuan to the children.


Sugar Research Mixed Secondary School is located near the Kibos 220 kV substation built by Sieyuan Electric in Kenya. There are more than 200 students in the school. The school buildings are a few earthen houses without doors and windows. The space inside the classroom is very small, with a few desks scattered. The school teacher told us that there is only one textbook in each class, and the children in the whole class share the textbook together.


“When our team arrived at the school, the children surrounded our team, and their faces are full of naivete, goodness and youthful spirit and their eyes are full of curiousness, shyness and happiness, which like sunflowers swaying in the spring breeze.” Wang Zhiqi, the General Representative of the East Africa Representative Office of the Overseas Marketing Center, said, “I feel sad and distressed deep in my heart as long as I thought these cute and pure children can only sit in a classroom with such a simple environment, or even the whole class shares one teaching material. ”


For local children, education is the only way to change their destiny, and their learning conditions are so difficult, and even the most basic textbooks can’t be owned by every child. This is also the reason why Sieyuan Electric chooses the way of Caring Student Activity to help these children. Team members of the overseas marketing center, on behalf of Sieyuan Electric, donated learning materials, exercise books, stationeries and other school supplies, which brought great benefits and convenience to children’s study and life.


In addition to material help for the children, the team members also gave spirit encouragement to children and taught children to build self-confidence, learn to live independently, and rely on their own strength to change their destiny in the future. Team members use their life experiences to encourage children to build confidence and determination to change their destiny, and hope that children will study hard to change their destiny.


Sieyuan Electric actively fulfills its social responsibilities. Over the years, it has actively made donations for left-behind children, established university scholarships, repaired power equipment for disaster-stricken areas, raised funds for Yushu earthquake-stricken areas, and organized employees to participate in voluntary blood donation and other caring support activities. This year, Kenya suffered from a drought. Most regions of the country lacked water and livestock died in large numbers. Sieyuan Electric made timely donations and provided assistance within the reach to the people in the disaster areas.


Sieyuan Electric’s Caring Student Activity in Kenya has sowed the seeds of hope in the hearts of Kenyan students. We believe that under the love donation and care, this group of cute children will thrive and become talented and will pass a firm confidence to the friendship between China and Africa.