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Sieyuan Electric Made Its Debut at The IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution


Report from our correspondent On April 17, 2018, the biennial IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exposition (IEEE PES T&D for short) was successfully held at the Denver Convention Center in Colorado. The Exhibition is currently the largest power exhibition in the Americas, bringing together many well-known companies from more than 30 countries around the world. Its exhibits represent the latest achievements and highest level in the world’s transmission and distribution field, and a continuous stream of visitors came to the exhibition. The biggest feature of this Exhibition is the strong academic exchange. This year is the first time that our company participated in the Exhibition. Chairman Dong Zengping attached great importance to this Exhibition, and attended this Exhibition with Ye Qilin, General Manager of Sieyuan Hertz, and Zhang Zhiyong, General Manager of Overseas Marketing Center.


This Exhibition mainly showcased our 145kV tank-type circuit breakers. At the same time, the products exhibited included 220kV OCT, 110kV LVB, 110kV TYD, 110kV CVT, equalizing capacitor, UV imager, etc.. This Exhibition attracted many merchants from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Colombia and other countries to visit, consult and negotiate. They asked in detail about the supply performance, technical specifications, supplier management, quality management and other issues of the products. After all-round understanding of our company’s scale strength, R&D strength and detailed product introduction, our customers have fully affirmed the quality indicators, safety performance and R&D capabilities of our products, as well as the performance results of and all qualifications obtained by our company.


Photo 1: Dong Zengping, Chairman of the Sieyuan Electric, communicated with customers before the company booth 

Photo 2: Ten years ago, Mr. Jiang, the student from Jiaotong University and the Doctor from Washington State University, who received a scholarship from Sieyuan and is currently working at GE, specially visited our booth and had a cordial exchange with the Chairman.