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Sieyuan Electrics is Certified by CFE LAPEM


From June 12 to 29, CFE LAPEM certification professional Mr. Mauricio visited Sieyuan Electrics, to carry out LAPEM certification audit on main products of each branch of Sieyuan Electrics.

CFE is the dominant player in Mexico's electric power industry. It has more than 90% of the country's power generation capacity and all transmission and distribution systems. LAPEM certification is a “passport” to enter Mexico's electric power market. Certification professional according to international standards and LAPEM certification regulations, comprehensively audits quality control, management review, production design and R&D capability, human resources, new supplier evaluation and incoming material inspection. The professional focused on quality control, capacity analysis and fixed asset listing of the company. Our company generally meets the requirements of LAPEM certification.

Passing the CFE LAPEM certification accumulates valuable experience for the later qualification examination of the company. This will help our company to constantly improve, and will pave the way for more products of the company to enter the Mexican market.