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Sieyuan Electric started to deliver more than 120 bays of GIS equipments to the world's highest power transmission and transformation project in Tibet


On April 21, the 220kV GIS equipments manufactured from Sieyuan Electric for Jilong Station in Tibet ,“The Ali Grid Interconnection Project”, started logistics transportation from Manufacturing Head Quarter in Rugao, Indicating  Sieyuan Electric is officially started the hand over process of the 70 bays 220kV GIS and 53 bays 110kV GIS contracts to customer.


The Tibet Ali Grid Interconnection Project is the company's first bulky supply of combined electrical equipments to Tibet, including a total number of 123 bay of Gas Insulated Switchgears. More than 120 heavy truck-load of equipments is estimated to be shipped across the country from Shanghai and Rugao to Tibet. For more than 5400 km total distance over 7 provinces, stretches across permafrost, no man's land and extreme high-altitude areas with unpredictable and complex road conditions, Sieyuan Supply Chain Department and Logistics Team arranged experience personnel to escort in order to ensure it is progressing successfully.


The Ali Grid Interconnection Project in Tibet is known as the world’s highest grid project "the grid on the cloud", connecting 10 Tibetan counties on the roof of the world. The average elevation of the operational tower is 4572 meters, with the highest tower located at 5357 meters. The project starts at 220kV Duolin Substation in Shigatse City and ends at 220kV Barr Substation in Gar County, Ali District.

After the project is completed and put into operation, it will completely end the long history of isolated grid operation of Ali Power Grid from the rest of Tibet, thus improving the reliability of the power supply not only in the Ali region but for most part of the western Shigatse City as well.  

According to the plan and the arrangement from Tibet Electric Power Company, all the GIS equipments of the Tibet Ali Grid interconnection project will be delivered to site meanwhile Sieyuan’s service team will switch their focus onto the site, they will start to organize the on-site installation, training and start-up meetings to fulfill customer’s needs and guarantee a good start for successful deliver.