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The first set of Sieyuan ±800kV DC filter capacitor device with suspended structure was put into operation successfully


Recently, the UHV multi-terminal DC demonstration Project (referred to as Kunliulong Project) , Wudongde power substation's power transmission line to Guangdong and  Guangxi has been put into operation in advance, marking the successful operation of the first ± 800kV DC filter capacitor device with suspension structure of Sieyuan capacitor.


Kunming Liulong project is a national key project of power transmission from west to east ,invested and constructed by China Southern Power Grid. The suspended type ±800kV DC filter capacitor device is C1 of double tuned or triple tuned DC filter capacitor. The weight of single set is about 40 tons and total height of about 40 meters. Suspended insulator is used to hang the product on the gantry of steel structure which owns a good seismic performance. This device is widely used in the DC transmission project of China Southern Power Grid.


The first set of ±800kV DC filter capacitor device with suspended structure was delivered in October 2019.the installation at one time,high-quality products and services were highly praised by customers. In December 2019, the employer awarded us a silk banner of "leading technology and considerable service".

On July 31, 2020, after various commissioning tests, the bipolar low-end was successfully put into operation at one time, which opens a new chapter of Sieyuan capacitor in the field of DC filter capacitor, marking that Sieyuan capacitor has the supply performance of all kinds of capacitors in AC and DC fields of UHVDC transmission project.