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About Sieyuan

Integrity - Sustainabilty


Quality Policy

Leading quality is the long-term competitive strategy for our development. Through high-level full participation, whole process system planning, risk control and continuous improvement, pursue high quality of each activity, and satisfy the customer demands with excellent product and service.

Purchasing Guiding Policy

  ●  Establish highly efficient, safe and environmental-friendly supply safeguard system;

     Effectively manage vendors’ quality and continuously improve efficiency of purchasing operation by way of centralized verification and dispersed procurement;

  ●   Establish long-term and reliable business partnership with vendors to ensure the continuity and stability of Sieyuan electrical business development;

  ●   Proactively promote the wide adoption of spare parts and raw materials featuring new energy and low energy consumption in Sieyuan products;

  ●   Strictly comply with international and national laws and regulations regarding environmental protection and intellectual property rights; completely ban the purchasing of products manufactured from Conflict Minerals; respect humanity rights and forbid the using of child labor; provide sufficient work safety to staff; be intolerant of any form of corruption and bribery; request vendors to comply with above mentioned requirements in their cooperation with Sieyuan.

EHS Policy

We are committed to strictly to adhere to the laws and regulations relating to safety, health and environmental protection in the countries. We will strive to meet the needs of our customers, our employees, and the communities in which the business is located for safety, health and environmental protection; Furthermore through the prevention of pollution and the sustainable use of resources to reduce their impact on the environment. We take the “sustainable development” as an important part of the company’s strategic plan, and always devote ourselves to the commitment of EHS. Safety, health and environment is an integral part of Sieyuan’s daily work, and will continue to improve all the times.

Information Security Management Policy

        Prevention-oriented, comprehensive prevention, system management, to meet customer needs, to provide stable, reliable and secure quality services, and to maintain continuous improvement.

Human Resource Policy

Sieyuan Electric Co.,Ltd recognizes for any business, the workforce is a valuable asset, and a sound worker-relationship management is a key ingredient in the sustainability of a company.

Our Human Resource Policy is based on Labor Organization (ILO), the United Nations (UN), International Finance Corporation (IFC) conventions and national laws, and recognizes regional and cultural differences.

It reaffirms Sieyuan Electric Co.,Ltd ’s continued worldwide commitment to:

l   Promote the fair treatment, non-discrimination, and equal opportunity of workers.

l   Establish, maintain, and improve the worker-relationship management.

l   Promote compliance with national employment and labor laws.

l   Protect workers, including vulnerable categories of workers such as migrant workers, workers engaged by third parties, and workers in the supply chain.

l   Promote safe and healthy working conditions.

l   Avoid the use of forced labor.

l   Restrict employment to those ages 18 or the local minimum employment age, or the mandatory school age, whichever is higher.

l   Prohibition of slavery and human trafficking.

We, Sieyuan Electric Co.,Ltd communicate this policy to our subcontractor, and we include a clear contractual obligation to meet these requirements as an ongoing condition of our business relationship.

We believe that promoting fair and appropriate employment at Sieyuan Electric Co.,Ltd project site is a critical part of the commitments we make to our people and local communities.