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Series compensation capacitor bank

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1) The series compensation capacitor bank is consisted of series capacitors, capacitor frame, damping reactor, insulators, overvoltage protection devices, connecting wire and fasteners etc.

2) Each capacitor bank is consisted of several capacitor towers, and each capacitor tower is consisted of several series capacitors connected in series and parallel, placed on the steel structure frame.

3) The capacitor tower is fixed on the series compensation platform by the support insulators. Series capacitors and installations could be designed with internal fuse or without fuse according to user requirements, and the external connection and protection mode could be different.





1) Altitude:≤ 2000m

2) Ambient temperature:-50~55℃

3) Installation site:Indoor or outdoor

4) The installation and operation site should be no conductive or explosive dust, no harmful gas and vapor, no tense mechanism shake.



Product characteristics:


1) Safe and reliable operation, long lifetime.

2) Modular and building block structure, convenient for overall transport and installation.

3) Designed in different combinations according to detail requirement of customer.

4) Improve power grid voltage quality





Series capacitor is mainly used in 50Hz, 10-1000kV AC system to reduce reactance in the system, improve transmission safety and stability, lower the project cost.

Product parameters:


1.Voltage level:10kV~1000kV

2.Capacity Class:0.6Mvar ~1500Mvar

3.Capacity deviation:0~+3%

4.Dielectric loss tangent :≤0.02%

5.Protection type:Internal fuse or fuseless