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I. Product introduction
ZF28A-72.5/126/145 type GIS is composed of standard modules through same sized flanged joint, which can  meet the demand for substation optimization design through the flexible combination between modules. It saves space and conforms to technical requests.

1) Completely self-research and development with high starting point and large investment;
2) Inspected to be qualified by KEMA High level of parameters, advanced structural design;
3) Insulation level is higher than IEC and GB standards;

4) Self-blast combined interrupter, 3-position disconnector and earthing switch, spring operating mechanism;
5) Double sealing ring structure;
6) Minimum area;Compact and standardized module design with minimum intervals width 800mm;
7) It is applied to cold, humid, salt fog, coastal, high altitude areas;
8) Spring operating mechanism base processed by  Four Axis Milling CNC Machining Center imported from DMG, German;
9) Basin-type produced by  vacuum epoxy casting Production line imported from Germany  Hubers;
II. Application environment

       1. Installation site: indoor/outdoor;
       2. Ambient temperature:
                        Maximum temperature: +55℃;
                        Minimum temperature: -40℃;
                        Maximum daily temperature difference: 32K
       3. Altitude: ≦3000m

       4. Sunshine intensity: 1000 W/m2
       5. Pollution class: Class III/IV
       6. Ice thickness: 10 mm/20 mm
       7. Wind speed/ wind pressure: 34/700 (m/s)/ Pa
       8. Humidity
                       Average of daily relative humidity: ≦95%
                       Average of monthly relative humidity: ≦90%

       9.Seismic resisting ability: 9 degree
                       Horizontal acceleration: 0.3g m/s2
                       Vertical acceleration: 0.15 m/s2
III. Product features:
1) Special arc extinguish chamber design with spring operation mechanism;
2) The structure is tight and the minimum interval width can reach 800mm;
3) Full three phase encapsulated;
4) Self-developed 3 position isolated grounding switch

IV. Product usage
 In populated regions, it can be compatible with the existing buildings. We can provide you with our products in important and critical substations, in the extension of limited substations, in flexible reform and change, in the heavy-loaded places where we can get economical and reliable energy management. Please tell us your needs.

 ZF28A-72.5/126/145 type GIS is one of the latest generation of switch equipment developed by Shanghai Sieyuan high-voltage switchgear Co., Ltd. It obtains users’ trust because of its miniaturization design and reliable property. At present, the operation performance exists in most parts of domestic and overseas state grid and industry users.


Main parameters:
         1. Rated voltage: 145 kV;
         2. Rated frequency: 50 Hz/60 Hz;
         3. Rated current: 2500A/ 3150 A;
         4. 1 min rated power frequency withstand voltage;
between open contacts: (275+84) kV
                            between phases,to earth: 275 kV
         5. Rated lightning impulse-resisting voltage peak (1.2/ 50μs)
                            between open contacts Isolated fracture interval: (650+118) kV
                            between phases,to earth: 650 kV
         6. Rated short-circuit breaking current: 40 kA
         7. Rated short-circuit making current: 100 kA