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ZF28-40.5kV GIS equipment is a new generation of medium voltage switchgear on the basis of high voltage 126kV GIS technology. This product can be applied to power system, power generation, rail transportation, petrochemical, metallurgy, mining, building materials and other large industrial consumer.

This product for the old air insulation switchgear transformation needs for special optimization design, cabinet width 1200mm~1680mm, cabinet depth 2800~3200mm air insulation switchgears transformation, do not redo the foundation, do not change the cable, do not need to strengthen the load-bearing.

Features and advantages of the product

l With completely closed, gas insulation structure, eliminates the air insulation switchgear is easy to condensation, insulation deterioration discharge, contact getting heat and other problems ;

l Three-position disconnector, equipped with electric mechanism and one-key sequential control function. Preventing the risk of the mobile cir cuit breakers manual operation stuck , and avoiding tipping injury to people;

l Especially suitable for the transformation of old air insulation switchgear, no need to redo the foundation, no need to replace the cables, no need to outage the whole entire power station;

l Equipped with self-blasting SF6 circuit breaker, switching reactive loads will not result in current interception, with C2 level certification report of back-to-back capacitor bank from Xi'an High Voltage Apparatus Research Institute Co., Ltd.;

l Retain the operating habits of the switchgear products, and the operation and maintenance personnel can quickly adapt to the use of new products;

l In line with the trend of green environmental protection, to provide mixed gas product solutions.