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Integrated Disconnecting Circuit Breaker GLW (123 – 252 kV)

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An important changes in the filed of AIS technology.

Maximum availability, low total cost & high using rate of lands.
Disconnecting Circuit Breaker (DCB) provides the functionality of a circuit breaker,a disconnector with ES and three current transformers combined in a single unit. Without the need for separate disconnectors and CT, up to 80 percent less space is required. Our DCB is ideal for all substation applications – indoor, outdoor, greenfield or refurbishment. It offers the highest level of safety with the easily operated robust mechanical and electrical interlocking that supports the five golden safety steps for high voltage operations (interrupt, isolate, lock, voltage check, earth).The integrated ECT (electronic current tansformer)or OCT (optical current tansformer )  further reduce the  life-cycle cost and lands using. At the same time,we can provide packaged solutions ,
including secondary relay protection system.

General applicable environment


Rated voltage:123-252kV
Rated current: 4000A
Rated frequency:50/60Hz
Rated Breaking current:up to 50kA
Rated operating sequence:O-0.3s-CO-3min-CO
Partial discharge:≤5pC
Insulator material:Compesite( silicone rubber )
Rated insulation level:According to the latest IEC 62271-1

The DCB is compliant with IEC standard 62271-108 for disconnecting circuit breakers.