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LVB(T) series oil-immersed current transformer(Live tank)

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LVB(T) series current transformer is a kind of instrument transformer with oil-paper insulation, inverted structure. Its shell is made of cast aluminum alloy, with secondary coils inside. A conductive rod passes through the middle of the secondary coils. Insulating main insulation consists of a head and a straight rod insulation of two parts, by a straight part is composed of several capacitive screen equalizing sleeve. A stainless steel expander is on the top of product, can release the internal pressure. Most of connection between the shell and the flange and the base is to use sub-arc welding, instead of bolts and other mechanical connection, which enables reliable sealing performance, solve the problem of oil-immersed product oil leakage.

      The primary conductor is a penetrating structure, which meets the requirements of the system with large current, with good heat dissipation and low temperature rise, excellent dynamic and thermal stability, Series situation meet 63kA/3s (Rated short-time thermal current ) and 160kA(Rated dynamic current).
Argon arc welding structure is adopted in the upper and lower oil tank to prevent leakage.

The exposed metal parts are made of cast aluminum alloy, the antirust and anticorrosion performance is excellent, and the maintenance work is small in the later period.

      LVB (T) type current transformers can measure energy, metering, protection and transient protection in the power line.

Rated voltage: 35kV~500kV

Rated frequency: 50/60 Hz

Internal insulating medium: Oil-paper

Rated primary current: Up to 5000A

Short-time thermal current: Up to 63kA/3s

Insulator: Porcelain or polymer

Altitude: ≤3000m, others on request

Specific creepage distance: 31mm/kV, others on request