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TYD series capacitor voltage transformer

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Product Description: 

Capacitor voltage transformer series products are suitable for current, electric energy measurement and relay protection in a system with effectively earthed neutral with rated voltage 35kV to 1000 kV and rated frequency 50Hz/60Hz. It can also be used for carrier wave communication concurrently.






 The capacitor voltage transformer own stable capacitor divider ratio, high precision and Capacitance Deviation (-3% to +3%).

The optimum reactor design is perfectly matched with primary capacitance, and the transient response is fast.

        The fast saturated damping device is used to suppress the ferromagnetic resonance in 10 cycles, which is superior to the IEC standard.

         External expander, full sealed structure, internal micro positive pressure, avoid water intrusion, avoid pressure running.

         The exposed metal parts are made of cast aluminum alloy, the antirust and anticorrosion performance is excellent, and the maintenance work is small in the later period.

Rated voltage: 35kV~1000kV

Rated frequency: 50/60 Hz

Internal insulating medium: Oil-paper

Rated capactane: Up to 20000pF

Insulator: Porcelain or polymer

Altitude: ≤3000m, others on request

Specific creepage distance: 31mm/kV, others on request