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Capacitor Unit(Shunt capacitor、Series capacitor、Filter capacitor)

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1) The capacitor unit is consisted of core, container and outlet bushing etc.

2) The capacitor unit core is consisted of several elements in serial and parallel.

3) The capacitor unit container is welding by thin stainless steel, and there are outlet bushings on the container cap.

4) The capacitor unit could be designed with internal fuse or without fuse.





1) Altitude:≤ 2000m

2) Ambient temperature:-55~55℃

3) Installation site:Indoor or outdoor

4) The installation and operation site should be no conductive or explosive dust, no harmful gas and vapor, no tense mechanism shake.


Product characteristics


1) High quality raw materials: Adopt double-side roughened polypropylene film, ultrathin aluminum foil (4.5μm) and benzyl toluene oil for improving the product electric performance.

2) Foil edges auto-folding:Foil edges auto-folding at the two side terminals and edges in order to improve the distribution of electric field and level of partial discharge.

3) Internal fuse: Fuse with patented technology and elements of isolated structure can eliminate refusal-to-move, maloperation and group burst of fuses. Make the capacitors more secure and reliable.

4) Discharge resistor: Each series string has a discharge resistor, the high quality high-voltage glazed resistors can make capacitor’s residual voltage reducing from √2Un to less than 75V within 10 minutes after capacitors are power off.

5) Advanced core assembly line: The progress of core rolling, voltage withstand picking, internal fuse assembly, core compressing and core packing are all finished on the assembly line to guarantee the assembly quality.

6) Automatic TIG pulse welding: The welding of capacitor container joint, joint between container shell and container cap, joint between lifting hook and container are finished by robots, make the welding seam smooth, graceful, solid and no leakage.

7) Shot-blast treatment: Remove the dirt and oxide layer of the stainless steel, and roughen the surface to increase the adhesive strength of painting, and also inspect the container seam welding quality.

8) Painting robot: Import painting robot and super speed rotating electrostatic spray gun make the container painting even and smooth.





1) Shunt capacitor:Shunt capacitor is mainly used in power frequency AC system to reduce loss in the system, improve power quality and power factor.

2)Series capacitor:Series capacitor is mainly used in 50Hz, 10-1000kV AC system to reduce reactance in the system, improve transmission safety and stability, lower the project cost.

3)Filter capacitor:Filter capacitor is mainly used in 50Hz or 60Hz, rated voltage more than 1000kV AC system to reduce reactance in the system, improve power quality and power factor.



Manufacturing standards


1)  The capacitor units meet the standards IEC60871, IEC 60143, ANSI/IEEE standard 18.

2)  The capacitor units have passed the KEMA type test, the CESI type test, and the LAPEM certification.


1.Voltage level:1kV~25kV

2.Capacity class:30kvar ~800kvar

3.Capacity deviation:±2%

4.Dielectric loss tangent :≤0.02%

5.Protection type:Internal fuse or fuseless