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Shunt/Filter capacitor installations for DC project

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Shunt capacitor and AC filter capacitor installations for HVDC system are mainly used in EHV/UHV DC transmission project converter station. It cooperates with reactor, resistors and other components consist of the AC filter, used to filter out the main features harmonic wave of the exchange side, and provide capacitive reactive power for converter device, improve power factor and voltage quality.



Service conditions


1. The altitude above sea level of mounting area does not exceed 2000m (if more than 2000m, it is necessary to make an explanation when further requirements).

2.The ambient air temperature should be of -50℃~+55℃.

3. Relative humidity: The daily average is not greater than 95%, and the monthly average is not greater than 90%.

4.There should be no conductive or explosive dust, no harmful gas and vapor, no severe mechanical vibrations in mounting area.

5. Mounting spot: Outdoor


Executive standard


1. GB/T 20994-2007 ‘Shunt capacitors and AC filter capacitors for HVDC transmission systems’.

GB/T 11024.1-2010 ’Shunt capacitors for a c power systems having a rated voltage above 1000V’.

GB 50227-2008 "Code for design of installation of shunt capacitors".



Product advantages


1. This capacitor installation is taking tower structure. The capacitor banks are designed into several standardized modules. The structure is compact. The banks are able to be pre-assembled in the factory and integrally installed/shipped & hoisted on-site.

2. Capacitor unit adopts the internal noise reduction measures, the noise reduction is effective, and does not affect the appearance of capacitor unit

3,In order to guarantee the balance of capacitance, we introduction of bar code management system and the capacitance level management program. The deviation of capacitance between capacitor bank bridge arm is very small.

Main technical performances


1. Voltage class: 220kV~1000kV,

2. System rated fluency: 50Hz or 60Hz

3. Capacitance tolerance: 1%

4. H-bridge differential imbalance protection, the maximum capacitance to minimum capacitance ratio between the bridge arm of the capacitor bank should not exceed 1.0018.

5. Seismic capacity:Dynamic peak horizontal acceleration 0.3g(Above conditions shall be further explained)

6. Average sound pressure level of capacitor unit: ≤55dB(A)