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Online DGA Monitoring System

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Prduct Introduction:
TROM-600 online DGA monitoring system calculates and analyzes the dissolved gas in insulation oil to discover and diagnose the inner faults of transformers on time using the most mature gas chromatographic technology and fault diagnosis methods recommended by IEC standard.
It is suitable for detecting gas components in transformer oil such as Hydrogen(H2),Carbon monoxide(CO),Carbon dioxide(CO2),Methane(CH4),Ethane(C2H6),Ethylene(C2H4) and Acetylene(C2H2) as well as other parameters such as moisture and core grounding current.

Technical Parameters:
Working Power Supply: AC220kV±15%,50/60Hz
Operation Ambient Temperature: -40℃-70℃
Operation Oil Temperature: -10℃-120℃
Relative Humidity of the Environment: 5%-95%
Equipment Life Time: 8 years
Size: 650×500×1200mm,
Weight: 110kg
Communication protocol: RS 485,IEC 61850